One real estate agent working towards positive change

Mark Mason is a real estate agent well known for doing things differently. His unconventional marketing and selling style has always set him apart from the pack and his future plans are just as colourful, with aspirations to empower people around the world.


“It’s not so much about motivational speaking, but more focused around creating positive culture.

“I want to be able to travel the world and empower people and communities; to show them that anything is possible if you’re hungry enough. Show people that, if you’re prepared to work for it, everything is possible.

“I want to be able to arm people with the knowledge and ability to create change in their lives and in the lives of those around them,”

- Mark Mason

Mark Mason’s career in real estate began with two milestones in mind - be able to provide for his family and use his success to help others around the world.

“After achieving my first goal and being fortunate enough to look after my whole family financially, I’m now focused on my second goal which is to give back to other families, not just in Australia but across the globe.


“I’ve set myself a five year plan to make it possible.”


An advocate for change, Mr Mason has built his real estate career on bringing a fresh approach to the industry. From the first, he has been on a mission to change the face of real estate.


“From my very first day working in real estate, I was thrown into the deep end. I was given a desk and a phone and the rest was up to me. Since then I’ve always wanted to stay ahead of the game, to innovate and encourage change within the industry,” Mr Mason said.


“I’m trying to give a voice to the customer. So often we find that agents are blinkered, focusing only on the quick commission and quick turnaround - it’s all about the agent - it’s time we turned that on it’s head.”


After years spent honing his skills and selling real estate from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast and everywhere in between, Mr Mason recently ventured out on his own to ensure his clients needs are put before everything else. 


“At the heart of real estate is a very simple equation: creating the right customer experience leads to customer loyalty. I’ve now got enough business by repeat and referrals, that I can focus on achieving my personal goal while still working to achieve my clients real estate goals,” Mark concludes.

Mark will exceed your expectations without a doubt. He actually makes selling your house exciting!  He has an unprecedented marketing structure and the highest standard of commitment.  Above this, he is honest and true to his word, which are two things seldom used to describe a Salesman, but we really were able to put our trust in Mark who got us the best possible result.I think that there may have even been a few times I mentioned to Mark that he was “too honest” and told us “too much” but only because he will relay every bit of feedback he receives, whether you like it or not!  We will be requesting that Mark remain our Agent for our further property investments as we know he is the absolute best around.”


“If you want the best Agent in Australia then talk to Mark!  We requested that he sell our existing house, after meeting him at an “Open House” for the home we eventually purchased.  He is extremely personable and just pleasant to deal with. He has an invaluable team backing him and he truly sets a new standard as far as selling houses goes. 

Jason and Renee Gannon Raby Bay